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Daughters of Grace Series: Anna

Daughters of Grace Series: Anna

Last week we continued a study from the Daily Grace Co. called Daughters of Grace. We talked about Mary, the mother of Jesus, her story, characteristics, and what we can learn from her life. This week we are talking about Anna. Anna's story can be found in Luke chapter 2:22-38. 

If you would like a link to purchase the study we are reading from, click here. You may also head over to our Facebook Page and watch the live video from 4/5/22 if you would like to just listen to what the book reads and follow along. 

1. What do we learn about God and His character in the life of Anna?

 Of course in this story, we see God's faithfulness demonstrated ONCE AGAIN! Not only is He faithful in showing Anna the Messiah, but He is faithful that the Messiah has in fact come at all! We also see that God answers prayer, even if that answer comes later than we are expecting it. Anna had been praying for the Messiah for years, but it is not until she is 84 that that prayer is answered and she meets the Messiah in the temple.

2. What character qualities, positive or negative do we see demonstrated in Anna's life?

  • widow- Anna was a widow, her husband died when she was very young and she never remarried.
  • dedicated- When Anna became a widow, she threw herself into teaching and worshipping and became fully dedicated to her life at the temple and being fulfilled by her relationship with God.
  • faithful- Anna had so much faith that God would answer her prayers and that He alone would be enough for her. She didn't need anything except for her faith!
  • patient- We see that Anna prays, worships, and fasts daily in dedication to her life with God. She waits patiently and confidently for the Messiah, knowing that He will be on time and that God will be faithful.
  • teacher- Anna spent all of her time in the temple and spoke of God's word to many. Even when she sees the Messiah for the first time, she doesn't only praise God for the answered prayers, she begins to speak and teach about Him!

3. What can I learn from Anna's story that I can apply to my own life?

  • Don't give up, be consistent. Even when you feel like your actions are yielding no results, do not give up! Be consistent in what matters most to you- for Anna, this was prayer and worship.
  • You can be strong, no matter what your circumstances look like. Even though Anna's husband died when she was very young, Anna found strength and fulfillment in seeking God. Anna teaches us that God truly can be our all in all, we don't need anything else when we have Him. 
  • We have to sometimes be patient for God's perfect timing. Anna prayed the same prayer for years, yearning for the Messiah. She never lost hope or sight even though it was many years before this prayer was answered. Anna knew that God's timing would be perfect.
  • We can serve God no matter our age. Many times throughout the Bible God uses both the very young and the very old in unlikely ways. Anna's story is another of an unimportant person that God used to spread His word!

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Thank you these beautiful reminders of how we can at any age surrender to God and serve Him in all we do!

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