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Daughters of Grace Series: Rebekah

Daughters of Grace Series: Rebekah

Last week we started a study from the Daily Grace Co. called Daughters of Grace. We talked about Hagar, her story, her characteristics, and what we can learn from her life. This week we are talking about another influential woman in the Bible: Rebekah. 

If you would like a link to purchase the study we are reading from, click here. You may also head over to our Facebook Page and watch the live video from 12/21/21 if you would like to just listen to what the book reads and follow along. 

I would also recommend you read Genesis chapter 24-28 to read the full story of Isaac and Rebekah. In this section of scripture, we read how Rebekah and Isaac met and get to read about how the twins Rebekah gave birth to quarreled over the birthright of Isaac. Rebekah knows that Jacob, the youngest, is supposed to overcome Esau, the oldest child, but resorts to scheming and cheating to get Jacob the blessing from Isaac. Even though Rebekah thought she was doing God's will, she took matters into her own hands and meddled in imperfect ways. I feel like this is a theme with all of the women we have talked about so far! Most of them had pure intentions but took the wrong actions.


What do we learn about God and His character in the life of Rebekah?

Each week when we answer this question, I feel like it leads us to the same answer. That God's faithfulness is so clearly displayed in all of these stories throughout the Bible. Even though Rebekah was imperfect, God used her life for His plan and through her came the nation of Israel. This story also illustrates how God is just. Jacob receives the blessing and birthright but because of how he and Rebekah manipulated the situation to do so, Rebekah doesn't gets to see her favorite son again. God's plan still came to fruition, but there were consequences for not waiting for God's perfect timing. 

What character qualities, positive or negative, do we see demonstrated in Rebekah's life?

  • great faith- Rebekah demonstrates how strong her faith was when she marries and follows Isaac regardless of how little they knew each other. She also shows her faith by holding on to the word of what God told her while she was pregnant with Jacob and Esau and wanted to see God's plan out. She remembered that the younger would overcome the older and held on to that promise her entire life. 
  • sneaky- This story clearly shows that Rebekah was sneaky. She took matters into her own hands and seemingly quickly concocted a plan to trick Isaac into blessing Jacob (who he thought to be Esau)
  • overbearing- Though Jacob seems to go along with what Rebekah tells him to do, I feel like Rebekah may have been a little overbearing as a mother and maybe took too active of a role in her favorite son's life
  • wise/clever- even though her trickery may not have been a good thing, Rebekah was quick on her feet and easily came up with a plan to ensure that the blessing would go to Jacob. I believe that Isaac most likely knew the calling over Jacob's life but still wanted to give the blessing to his favorite son, Esau. Rebekah knew she would have to outwit Isaac to do what she believed was the right thing.
  • relatable- I feel like Rebekah is just so relatable in this story. How often do we feel like we know what God wants for our lives but we have no idea how that will ever happen? We may see the finish line but have no idea what path or series of choices might get us there. Rebekah acted in ways that were deceitful and unpleasing to God, but she did have God's plan in mind. She is so relatable to us today. Just because we think we are heading in the right direction doesn't mean we should take shady steps to get there.

What can I learn from Rebekah's story that I can apply to my own life?

1. There is a will and a way for God's plan to come to fruition- God knows everything we will ever do or think. He knows the entire big picture and how it will all happen. There is so much peace that can be found in knowing that there is always a will and a way for God's plan, we just have to listen and be patient. 

2. God uses imperfect people to do big things- Rebekah and Jacob messed up in this story and were not perfect but God ultimately used them for the bigger picture and for His perfect plan. We may not be perfect but that does not mean that our lives cannot glorify God and be used for Him.

3. There are consequences for our actions- Even though God used imperfect people in this story, it is still clear that there were consequences for Rebekah's actions. Because she manipulated Isaac's blessing, she didn't got to see her favorite son Jacob anymore because he had to flee far away. God is merciful and forgiving but He is also just. I think it is important to remember that there are still consequences for wrongdoings.

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Heather Burris

Okay, I’m am running to get Daughters of Grace! 🏃🏻‍♀️ If this blog is just a tidbit of that bible study, I’m convinced it is a good one. You’re synopsis of the study is perfect! It doesn’t give away too much, but just enough. It leaves you wanting more, and in my case pulling out my bible to read Genesis 24-28! Thank you so much!

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