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We are so excited for this partnership and exclusive line with nonprofit, I Am Second.

I Am Second is a nonprofit media ministry dedicated to lifting up Jesus through the authentic and raw stories of those who have been forever changed by encountering Jesus. No past is too messy, no soul too broken, no life too dark for the redemption, healing, and light of Jesus. I Am Second boldly proclaims that no one is alone in their mess and seeks to empower others to live Second to the One who gave everything for us. Find the stories and resources at

Why we are passionate about I Am Second and how we give back to them:

I Am Second helps others become second and start living second. What happens when you live life for something greater? What happens when you fully live second and put God first?

A portion of each sale from the I Am Second collection goes back to help Christians continue to tell their stories through the I Am Second foundation. These stories have been viewed over 120 million times so far in over 230 countries, continuing to inspire hope all over the world. 

***This donations from this line go only to I Am Second while donations from the rest of our items go directly to our current spotlighted nonprofit.***