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I am Shelby, designer and owner behind SHE WHO IS. My goal has always been to empower women through what they wear. SHE WHO IS strong can wear these clothes. SHE WHO IS loved, empowered, intelligent, noble, virtuous, and everything in between can wear these clothes. SHE WHO IS not feeling worthy, valued, or even not feeling the same size that she used to be can wear these clothes. SHE WHO IS is me and she is you. I am so happy you are here!


SHE WHO IS uses the divine example set before us to inspire and empower women to shine from the inside out and show their true beauty by wearing clothing that reflects that inner goodness. 


We have a vision to help inspire kindness, empower strength, and to help women reach their full God-given potential by giving them the tools to remind them what they are worth and how much they are capable of. 

Giving Back

Because our mission and vision is all about supporting and empowering women to reach their full potential and pursue living their best life, we partner with a different Women's Charity each month to help pour directly into the lives of women in need. A portion of every order at SHE WHO IS goes to the spotlighted charity of the month. Read all about who this month's partner is on our "Charity of the Month Spotlight" Page! 


I believe in true empowerment of women. The kind that is rooted in the reason that women were created. Because we were created to be strong, to be hard-working, and to act in love towards one another. There is strength in humility, wisdom in being humble, and honor in having a servants heart. I believe that having a strong attitude does not always equal empowerment and that a place a true empowerment comes from being confident in why you were created, why you are on this earth, and the greatness you are capable of. 

We live in a world with so much hate and not nearly enough love. I meet so many women who are hustling every day and striving to be the best that they can be. We are in a generation that wants to be better, more loving, more accepting, and kinder. A generation that cares about this earth and takes value in their belongings. We are a generation that wants clothing that reflects who we are and that makes us feel like our best selves. 

SHE WHO IS provides clothing and accessories that empower women and remind them of who they are inside and to let that inner light shine. We make fun, expressive clothing that has meaning. Girl, you work hard for your money and you should spend it on things that matter. Our goal is to help women not just wear clothes and look good but to value her clothes, herself, and how she feels.