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Daughters of Grace Series: Eve

Daughters of Grace Series: Eve

I have found a fantastic resource for Bible studies that I want to share with you all! It is called The Daily Grace Co. and they have SO MANY affordable Bible studies and studying material. I in no way want to take credit for this study but want to walk through it and share some of my thoughts with you all. I won't type out the study portion of what the book says each week but if you want to purchase one to follow along here is the link: Daughters of Grace Study.

***I get no commission and earn nothing from sales from this company, I just truly love the company and the resources they offer and want to share another female owned Christian company that I love and support***

If you want to hear the full study, please visit our Facebook page and watch our live video from 11/30/21. This study is all about different women in the Bible and lessons we can learn from them and apply to our lives. This week's featured woman is Eve. She was the first woman on the earth and we can learn SO MUCH from her life in the book of Genesis. Below are the study questions and my answers from this segment. I would love for you to read Eve's story in the book of Genesis in chapters 1-4 and then comment your own answers below!

1. What do we learn about God and His character in the life of Eve?

I think that the story of Eve in the garden of Eden illustrates so well the mercy and forgiveness of God, but also shows that He is just. Yes, God will forgive us for our sins but there is also consequences for those sins. Even our mistakes are redeemable for His glory and can be for our good. For example, even though Eve set the curse of her punishment by God in motion by her own sin, she also received the promise of the one who would set us free. (1 Tim 2:15 makes great connection here between Eve's punishment and being saved through childbearing as well) God is just and fair but has so much grace for us. 

2. What character qualities, positive or negative, do we see demonstrated in Eve's life?

There are not many attributes spoken of Eve in Genesis 1-4, but I think that we can make assumptions about some of her character qualities by her actions in the Garden of Eden. A couple adjectives I would use to describe Eve are strong-willed, intelligent/logical, and ambitious. These may not be words you would use to describe Eve because she sinned so largely but these character attributes played into why she was tricked by the devil. These would normally be looked at as good character qualities but in the circumstance in the Garden of Eden, they caused Eve to mess up big time. I will break down a bit where I came to each of these assumptions:

1. Strong willed

We don't have a ton of information about what Eve said to Adam to get him to sin as well, but she must have been just as persuasive or strong willed as the serpent in order to convince Adam to eat the fruit as well. Verse 6 of Genesis chapter 3 just states, "she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it." Eve saw the potential for more in her life and strongly wanted the wisdom she thought she could have.

2. Intelligent/logical

In Genesis 3:3-6, Eve tells the serpent what God has instructed of her and Adam. She clearly comprehends what God's rules were but then allows herself to listen to the serpent and rationalize why those rules were in place. I don't think that Eve was necessarily foolish or unintelligent, I think she allowed herself to be swayed by the logic presented to her by the devil and by her selfish desire to become even more intelligent.

3. Ambitious

I think that this character quality plays into the last adjectives we talked about. Eve saw the life she had but thought she could have more and fell into a trap of ambition and desire for more intelligence. She would have only wanted more wisdom to have more in life than she realized she could have. 

3. What can I learn from Eve's story that I can apply to my own life?

  • Count your blessings- Adam and Eve lived in paradise in the Garden of Eden, but Eve still wanted more. Count every blessing you have because we often don't realize how much God has truly blessed us until we start actually adding it up. 
  • God's intentions for you are good, He is not trying to trick us- God wants us to succeed and to have a relationship with Him. He is not trying to trick us. He is a good God and He wants to give us His love and grace.
  • Know what God really says through His word because false teachers can use it to distort it- the devil used God's words to trick Eve in the Garden of Eden. The devil and false teachers will not always be apparent. They will use and distort the words of God to cause confusion. Always double check teaching with what the Bible says- take everything back to God's word. It never changes and it never fails.
  • Choose to see hope in the judgement- God is just but also offers grace. When you do mess up there is still hope in us because God is restoring us and using that for His glory.

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I needed this message thank you.


Wow! Surprisingly applicable to my life right now (just kidding; God knew I needed to hear it). So proud to be advertising your brand and every message behind your apparel. Thank you for spreading the Word in such an amazing, and cute, way!

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