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Pure Hope Foundation is a nonprofit focused on strengthening families and providing restoration to survivors of sex trafficking. They are a second-stage program, which means they help survivors who have been stabilized, typically in a safe-house setting. Pure Hope Foundation offers continued healing, personal development, extended educational support, and vocational skills to help the survivors acquire skills that will allow for healthy, independent lives. 
Some of the activities offered in the Hope Home area of Pure Hope Foundation include multidisciplinary therapies, nutritional education, GED pursuit, college prep, educational assistance, financial literacy/education, Bible study and application, and many more. These programs all have a focus on trauma-informed restoration to help enact long term change in the lives of the survivors. 
Not only does Pure Hope Foundation provide programs and activities to help restore survivors of sex trafficking, they also host retreats to empower advocates of trafficking survivors and help aid the important rescue work they are doing. 

Why we are passionate about Pure Hope Foundation

I love what Pure Hope Foundation is doing because they play such a large role in instilling hope back into the lives of survivors of sex trafficking. One of the things that struck me the most when I was learning about this amazing nonprofit, is that many of the residents of the Hope Home believe that no one cares. To think that women in sex trafficking not only think that they will not be rescued, but that no one cares what is happening to them... my heart breaks over this. Pure Hope Foundation not only tells survivors that they do care and there is hope, but they decorate the pavers of Hope Home and Pure Hope Ranch with messages from donations of people who have a heart to help survivors of sex trafficking and DO care. So that whenever these girls walk along the path of any part of Pure Hope Foundation (pictured below), they know that they are loved, cared about, and have hope for the future, away from the traumas of their past. 
You can learn more about Pure Hope Foundation's values and mission here.
If you would like to donate to Pure Hope Foundation outside of your purchase from SHE WHO IS, click here. Now through the end of March, all donations will be MATCHED!
There is also a "gift catalog" so that you can pick exactly what to gift the women being helped by Pure Hope Foundation.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about how you can help make a difference in the lives of women!