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Nonprofit of the Month Spotlight

 Our Current Spotlight is on...

Moms in the Making is a non-profit faith-based Christian infertility support group. They help support and encourage women on their journey to becoming a mom by sharing the hope and truth of God's word.  They have 70 support groups worldwide which includes both in-person and virtual groups. Moms in the Making has a heart to encourage women in their wait to become mothers and to point them towards Christ and encourage them in their walk with Him!

Why we are passionate about Moms in the Making:

I truly love the mission behind Moms in the Making. This is a non-profit that hits close to home for so many, because we all know someone who has struggled with infertility or suffered a miscarriage. I love that Moms in the Making supports women right where they are, whatever their journey may look like. I am so honored to be able to help support this non-profit!
If you would like to donate to Moms in the Making outside of your purchase from SHE WHO IS, click here.
If you would like to find an in person support group near you to attend, click here.
If you are looking for a virtual support group to attend, click here.
I pray that by raising awareness for Moms in the Making, we will not only be able to help others, but also help our community here with finding support amidst infertility. Thank you for taking the time to read how you can help make a difference in the lives of women!