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How we help women

We are here to empower women. We empower women by lifting each other up. Each quarter on a rotating basis, SHE WHO IS gives a portion of every order to the Nonprofit Organization that is being highlighted that month. It is so important to us that not only do we give back, but that the dollars that are donated go directly towards helping real women. We only give to charities that we are passionate about and have 100% confidence in. We rotate organizations to not only raise awareness for new causes, but to give across the board to women in every way we can. By doing this, we can help end poverty, support victims of domestic abuse, aid education, and improve health conditions. Not only do we want to support women through a nonprofit, we want to let you exactly where your money is going when you make a purchase with us. Please go to our "spotlighted nonprofit page" to continue reading and to find out who we are donating to this month, and see all of the amazing work that they do!